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Heroes Club

Heroes Club

The Heroes Club is dedicated to the education of area youth in the principles of humane treatment and care of animals.  Presentations are made to classrooms from grade school to high school.  Topics of discussion include:

Rabies, including the importance of not approaching a strange animal, and keeping pets up to date on their vaccinations, and the availability of shot clinics in the area.  Children are encouraged to work with their parents to make sure their pets are up to date on their vaccinations.

Caring for a pet’s basic needs, such as food and water.

Seasonal care and protection for pets.

The importance of keeping household items which are harmful to pets out of reach.

Spay and neuter, and the importance of preventing pets from having offspring.

Heroes Club
Heroes Club

Subscriptions to Kind News, a publication of the Humane Society of the United States and dedicated to the humane education of children in grades K-6, are offered to classrooms. These are given through your donations. Please consider adopting a classroom and providing this material! The cost is only $25 per classroom.

Students also are able to bring up their own topics of conversation, which has lead to lengthy discussions of topics related to animal welfare.

One of the exciting things about Heroes’ Club is the way it has inspired the children to become involved in animal welfare.  The children have been moved to hold pet food drives and skate-a-thons to raise money for underprivileged animals. 

To contact Heroes' Club, please e-mail HeroesClub@apsrc.org


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