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How We Serve


Pet Care Assistance Program (PCAP)

APSRC helps people with pets in need with food, medical care, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, housing, transportation and more...

Shelter Support

APSRC volunteers have helped care for the the animals held in the Rockingham County Animal Shelter (RCAS) in the past by exercising the animals, cleaning cages, feeding the animals, answering the telephone and helping the public. It takes a special person to give of their time to these neglected and stray animals. If you are at least 18 years of age and have a compassionate heart and the will to help, our new county shelter opens soon, and volunteer opportunities will be available!

In addition to providing volunteers, APSRC also assists in transport of homeless Rockingham County animals from the shelter to areas of the country where they will have an easier time finding forever homes.  We are in need of donations of the following items to facilitate these transports, as well as financial donations:

Transport Crates

Pre-Paid Gas Cards

Cargo Van

Please contact info@apsrc.org if you'd like to donate items or funds for transportation.


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